How did the American Revolutionary War begin?

The colonies established by Britain, Spain and France on the American continent, which is the most important region of colonialism competition, were involved in the Seven Years’ war. The seven years’ war, which ended with the victory of Britain, left a huge wreckage behind. The countries involved in the war have fallen into an economically difficult situation. Although Britain won the war, it greatly increased taxes in the colonies as its economy deteriorated. In the thirteen colonies, the ancestor of the United States, the people reacted against the stamp law and the tea tax law. In order to protest high taxes, a group of people dressed up as natives and poured tea into the sea from Boston harbor. When the protests at the port of Boston grew, British soldiers opened fire on civilians to stop the protests. With the events that took place in the Port of Boston, the American Revolutionary war began. With the participation of other countries in the American Revolutionary War, the war turned into an international war. The American Revolutionary War was instrumental in the emergence of the French Revolution. At the end of the war, the United States of America was established under the leadership of George Washington. Britain lost the war.

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